Middle and Senior Acting by Amanda.

This year the Middle and Senior Syndicates are doing a Production called Toto’s Wizard of Oz. It is going really well so far! All of the children have chosen to do specific parts in the production. For example, dance, costumes, art, and acting. We have amazing stars in the acting group!

All the students who wanted to be actors had to take part in an audition. From there Mrs Gallacher and Mr Day selected the actors. It was a tough decision because they had 50 people who auditioned but there were only 28 spots, so some people had to miss out.

Each session the actors spend a lot of time trying to remember their lines since there is so much to remember! It is challenging for the actors, but they are doing a good job so far and trying hard to remember all their parts.

Mrs. Gallacher's favorite part she has done is helping the actors memorize their lines and coming up with funny jokes to put into the script to make the production more interesting. Mrs. Gallacher and Mr. Day really enjoy watching the actors become more and more confident as they learn their lines and become comfortable on the stage. 

There are so many people who are doing acting. This requires a lot of patience waiting for their turn, which can be tough for the kids. So they spend a lot of time working on their independent google slideshows and memorizing their lines quietly.

The actors are creating an amazing experience for you in our 2019 production of Toto’s Wizard of Oz. If you want to see our production, please keep an eye out for tickets in upcoming newsletters!