At Gracefield School we believe we are sharing responsibility for the emotional, educational and cultural development of your child, so communication between home and school is vital and actively encouraged.


  • Parents and whanau are notified of school news and events in a weekly newsletter sent home every Monday.

  • Syndicate newsletters are sent home at the beginning of each term.

  • Parents receive a written report twice a year, in July and in December.

  • Early in the year a goal setting meeting is held to identify specific areas of need for your child, that can be worked on through the year. These goals are reviewed at a mid year interview and evaluated in a written report in December.


If you have any concerns, you are encouraged to meet with your child’s teacher. It is a good idea to make a formal meeting time with the teacher concerned, if the issue is serious. If after this, you still have issues that need addressing, a meeting with the senior teacher of the area your child is in may be necessary.

Our Principal, Simon Edmonds, will be happy to meet with you if you feel this is necessary at any time. Please note however, it would be sensible to make an appointment with him, if you consider your concern to be serious.

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