At Gracefield School we believe that students respond to positive encouragement, but also need clear guidelines about behaviour. Our practices for positive behaviour are outlined below.


Children who do something good are nominated to represent their class at assembly on a Friday. They receive a certificate in assembly, and the children from each class have their photograph taken to be displayed in the school foyer.

How it works

When a teacher identifies good behaviour they give the child a nomination slip, which the child gives to their class teacher.

On Friday, each class looks at the list of the children who have been nominated during the week, and discusses what these children have done and why it is positive.

One child is then selected to represent the class at assembly.

At assembly on Friday, the class representatives go to the front of the hall and their deeds are read out to all children and they receive their Gracefield’s Greatest certificate.


The Great Gracefield Kid tee-shirt award is for children who are seen as valuable members of the school community.

Every week a class in the school nominates a child who is asked to come forward at assembly and receive a Great Gracefield Kid tee-shirt. The teacher then reads out the points the children used as criteria to choose their winner. The shirt is theirs to keep and to be worn proudly around the school.

The tee-shirt award has the following objectives:

  • to highlight the types of behaviour we want to see the children achieving.

  • to reward the children who are good all the time.

  • to help make Gracefield School visible out there in the community.

How it works

Classes take turns to decide who from their class will receive the Great Gracefield Kid tee-shirt award.

The children take responsibility for determining the kind of behaviour they see as good and what makes someone a valuable member of the school community. The attributes are listed on the board and the children hold a secret ballot to find who their person is to receive the tee-shirt at assembly.


  • A child may not receive a tee shirt more than once as a junior (Yr 1 – 3) and once as a senior (Yr 4 – 6).

  • Children are encouraged to vote for someone else i.e. not for themselves.

  • When the criteria is set, the wording should be positive i.e. 'Plays well with other children' (acceptable). 'Does not hit other children' (unacceptable).

  • Children are encouraged to consider voting for others who are always good. Whether they are popular, bright, good at sport etc, is not important.

  • Only children whose behaviour is consistently good should receive this reward.


The aim of this afternoon (or morning) is to reward children for their hard work and good behaviour. They happen at least twice a term, from 11.00am to 12pm, or 2.00pm – 2.45pm on a Friday.

At a Fun Afternoon teachers offer children a variety of activities that would not normally be available. These could include:

  • Sports activities

  • Creative art activities

  • DVDs in the rooms

  • Computer sessions.

All students who have not been on step twice since the last Fun Afternoon are invited to take part. The Principal will supervise any students not taking part. They are required to sit quietly at this time and consider what they have to do to take part in the Fun Afternoon next time.