Starting school for the first time is an exciting and important time for children.

Our new entrant class is a fun and friendly environment that will help your child transition from early childhood into formal schooling. 

Jan Riley is our new entrant teacher. She is a very experienced junior school teacher, and has been working at Gracefield School for four years.  Jan strives to give each child the best start to their schooling, and is a very caring and committed teacher.  She also loves the outdoors and is a keen trail runner.

What happens in new entrants

As well as spending time engaged in early literacy and numeracy learning, our new entrant programme includes lots of fun activities to help develop children’s foundation skills (memory, visual, auditory, gross and fine motor).

We also sing and dance, recite poems, get messy and creative making artworks, explore science, social and health topics, get outside for daily fitness and much more.

The new entrant class also helps children to learn about the routines of school life. 

School visits

To give your child the best possible start with us, we strongly recommend that they come for school visits several times before their first day of school. This will allow you, your child and their teacher to get to know each other. It will also give your child the chance to meet classmates and become familiar with their classroom before that all important first day at school. 

We have no set times for these visits, and will happily discuss with you what best suits your particular circumstances. You don’t need to stay for these visits.

After you enrol your child with us, Jan will get in touch to arrange the school visits before their expected start date.

How to Enrol

Six-week catch up

After your child has been in the class for about six weeks, Jan will catch up with you to talk about how they are going and have been settling in to school. She will also give you some literacy and mathematics resources, and show you how these can be used at home with your child.


Children in the new entrants’ classroom will receive reading homework each day. You will also be given some information about helping your child with this.

Moving to Year 1

The length of time your child spends in the new entrant class will depend on their starting date. Jan will be happy to explain this to you.

Come and visit

If you would like to learn more about our school and the new entrant class, contact us to arrange a visit ao you can meet Jan and our principal Simon Edmonds, and see the classroom.

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