At Gracefield School we are committed to supporting students to achieve their potential in all aspects of learning, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

To help students reach their potential we provide additional teacher support for our youngest students, so they get off to a flying start.

Our Gracefield curriculum was developed in consultation with our community. It is driven by our six ‘Steps for Success’, which encourage our students to be:

  • adaptable - hinengaro tuwhera

  • conscientious - pukumahi

  • thinkers - ata whakaaro

  • respectful - whakaaro nui

  • risk takers - maia

  • communicators - whakawhiti korero

Everything we do reinforces these six steps. We believe students who have a good grasp of these will be well positioned to be successful, not just as students at school, but in life.

ABout us 

Gracefield School is a city school located in Lower Hutt. We are a contributing school, with students from years 1 – 6. Most of our students go on to Hutt Intermediate.

The school was opened in 1939 with just two classrooms. Today we have nine classrooms and a roll that ranges between 200 and 250 students.

Positive behaviour

We use the restorative justice system to teach children how to behave appropriately. It focuses on repairing harm rather than punishing. You can find more about this on the following page:

Acknowledging Positive Behaviour.

School community

There is a strong sense of community in our school. The PTA has been active for many years now, raising a significant amount of money each year. This is used to provide resources that would otherwise not be available to the children.

School zone

We have an enrolment policy that may restrict us in taking students from outside the zone. If you would like to know more about this, please contact the school.


If you want to learn more about enrolling your child at Gracefield School, check our information about enrolment:

How to enrol your child at Gracefield School

Get in touch

If you would like to know more about any aspect of our school, please feel free to get in touch to make an appointment to see our principal, Simon Edmonds.

You can also read the Annual Report below:

Gracefield School Annual Report 2018