The Art Group - School Production 2019. By Amanda and Ruby.

This year the Middle and Senior Syndicate are doing a Production called Toto’s Wizard of Oz. It is going super well so far! All of the children have chosen to do specific parts in the production. For example, dance, costumes, art, and acting.

The art group read the story and the script. They also watched the movie and looked at pictures by other illustrators and artists. Doing this gave them ideas on how the show could look. They started by making props and backgrounds out of old cardboard and scraps of material.

Karen, one of our amazing teacher aides, and some students have been in charge of painting the backdrop. Karen and the children needed to overpaint the last backdrop first. Each time they paint it, it needs to dry before you can paint over it again. They are also putting the finishing touches on the trees, finishing the horses and putting special features on the skulls. They are also struggling on the tin man's heart, it needs some way of attaching to the actor who’s playing the role, so they are working on that too.

Mrs Mitchell says her favourite part that she has been working on is the effects that you can create under different lights. She has asked for UV lighting to be installed just before the performance. The paint they have used is supposed to shine up under the UV light, but you don't actually know the effect it will create until the end. It is a bit like a suspense novel! 

The art group are creating amazing art for you in our 2019 production of Toto’s Wizard of Oz. If you want to see our show then please keep an eye out for tickets in the upcoming newsletters.

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