Netball by Lexi, Ruby and Rangi.

At Gracefield School we do netball in winter every year. Netball at our school is for girls and boys and we have lots of fun playing every week or weekend.


When we went to see how long we have been playing netball at Gracefield, we found trophies right back to the early 2000s. But we are pretty sure they were playing before then! Gracefield School has won lots of trophies over the years which are in a cabinet in the office foyer.

How we organise netball.

To organise netball Miss Ruby sends out a notice to all the students who might be interested in playing. We also have meetings during our morning teas. Miss Ruby also checks to see whether peoples whanau might be able to help out with coaching and managing. Next Miss Ruby calls those parents who said they are interested in helping. Once Miss Ruby has a manager and a coach for each team, she tries to make an even amount of teams of each year group. It is a very big and tricky job to do!


Each week we have lunch time practices. We learn to pass, catch and shoot the ball. We also learn about the rules and playing fair. We like to practice because we learn things and we have fun with our friends. 

Game day

We play at the Taita Courts and some children play at different school grounds. On game day we feel happy and excited but sometimes we also feel a little bit nervous too! We have loads of fun. This year, our teams did really well.

We really love netball because it is a fun sport for kids and it an inside or outside sport. Do you enjoy or love netball?

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