Spheros! By Lachie and Perrin.

In Term 2 of 2019 our class started using spheros and working on coding. This has been so much fun and very challenging!              

Why do we have coding and robotics at Gracefield school?

We interviewed our school principal, Mr Edmonds, and he thinks that it is all about teaching cause and effect. There is so much logical thinking that goes on when you have to control something that does exactly what you tell it to do. So, coding and robotics is a great learning experience. Also, we think many people have devices now, like phones or tablets and on these are apps. Apps are built using code and so are robotics, which are being used more and more in our lives.

What are spheros?  

Spheros are little ball like robots. They are clear, so you see through them into the gears and motor. There is also an LED panel that lights up. You can code, change colour, change the speed and make it do all sorts of tricks.

Why we like coding and spheros.

We like Spheros because they are quick and agile. They are a very good way of logically learning. Mr Edmonds said he thinks the fun is initially in the “toy” aspect, but it quickly becomes the fun of learning. And learning motivates more learning. It’s so quick that children hardly notice they are learning.

How did we get Spheros at Gracefield School?

The Gracefield School P.T.A helped by fundraising and put money towards the purchase of our Spheros. The school also put money towards buying them. The teachers did some professional development, which is like learning for adults in the school holidays to practice how to use them and learn more about them. 

We are very lucky to have Spheros here at Gracefield School and we feel super happy that we can use these little robots. They are very fun and amazing.

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