Interview with the Dancers by Amanda and Ondrey.

For this year's production, the Middle and Senior Syndicate are working on a production called Toto’s Wizard of Oz. All of the children have chosen to do specific parts in the production. For example, dance, costumes, art and acting.

The dancer's group are doing a wonderful job. Each session they spend a lot of time creating and practising dances for the production. You might be wondering, how do they come up with their stunning dances? We asked the group a few questions and here's how they did it. 

The students were the ones who came up with the moves and Miss Ruby chose appropriate music that fit would fit the dance. The children worked as a team, they figured out what would work with the timing of the music and moves that would be easy to remember and do. The dances the students have made up are stunning! Miss Ruby's favorite part in the dance is the cannons. A canon is when the dancers perform the same phrase one after the other in a sequence of moves. 

The dancers are creating an amazing experience for you in our 2019 production of Toto’s Wizard of Oz. If you want to see our show, please keep an eye out for tickets in upcoming newsletters!