This year the Middle and Senior Syndicate are doing a Production called Toto’s Wizard of Oz. All of the children have chosen to do specific parts in the production. For example, dance, costumes, art, and acting.

The Middle and Senior costume group are working so hard to design mind-blowing costumes. One of the most challenging was the crows and the winged monkeys. For the wings on the crows we first got some fairy wings. Then Mrs Mcauliffe brought black fabric. We used the black fabric and cut into shaped feathers. Then we glued the pieces of black fabric onto the fairy wings to look like crow wings. Then we painted the wings so it is fully black like a crow. We let the wings dry and they were finished. 

One of the other things the costume group made was the crown for the good witch of the north. First, we cut out a fancy looking pink crown. Then we traced it on pink cardboard. Then we added a bunch of sparkly glitter and jewels to make it look even more fancy. It is breathtaking! 

We would not have been able to do this without all the helpful volunteers, they are an amazing group of very talented women! Thank you to Roseanne Holmes, Heather Obruchkova, Kay Johnston, Alison Richmond and Sarah Mahy. Each one has spent lots of their own time helping us create and finish children’s costumes and props. A huge thanks to all that helped in 2019. 

We cannot wait for you all to see our amazing shows next week. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have enjoyed making them for you!