Golden Time, by Amelia Manu

At Gracefield School Years 1 and 2 have a reward time called Golden Time. All of the juniors look forward to Golden Time. 

Golden Time is a fun time where students get 30 - 45 minutes every Friday to play or do an activity of their choice.It has been going for a long time at Gracefield School. When I was a junior, my favourite activity was colouring in, and my favourite picture was a dog.

How Golden Time works

Golden Time is an important part of the junior syndicate programme. It was part of a programme designed in England, which helps children to look after their own behaviour. It also gives students the opportunity to explore through playing.

Every week students have to earn their Golden Time. There are 6 golden rules alongside the Gracefield Steps for Success rules. If students make good choices and follow the rules in class, they get rewarded with fun activities at Golden Time. But if you don’t you could miss out on some of your Golden Time.

What juniors like in Golden time?

I went to rooms 3 and 4 and interviewed some junior students. They said that they really enjoyed things like: cooking, iPads, colouring, dress ups, Polly Pocket and cars. The reason they like Golden Time is because it is good fun and they don’t have to do school work.

So, if your child comes to Gracefield School, they can look forward to joining in Golden Time when they are in the Junior Syndicate.