Cross Country 2019 by Toby, Alex and Asad.

Running outside, on the grass, sometimes running in the mud or in the water, that’s what cross country is all about!

Why is training important?

It is important to improve your running when you are going to run a cross country, so you are fit and prepared to run. We trained three times a week at least. Some children also trained at home.

Cross Country at Gracefield

At Gracefield School we do the cross country once a year. Cross country is a running race that all children at school take part in it.

Mr Day has been organising the cross country at Gracefield School for two years. Mr Day also changed the course, and added one water pit and the hurdles, to make it more interesting and challenging for runners.

Winning and losing

This year we spoke to one of the winners, and they said they felt very proud of themselves. They were also proud of everyone else that completed the cross country for trying their best!

One person, who did not quite make the top three, said he also felt good about himself for finishing this tough race even though he had a tumble!

We think it is important to learn to win and to lose and take part.

Southern and Interzone Cross Country

After the school cross country, if you came first, second or third you can go to Southern Zone. At Southern Zone you compete against other schools in the southern area of Lower Hutt. If you get in the top fifteen at Southern Zone you go on to compete in the Interzone. Interzone is where all Wellington zones compete against each other.

Why we like cross country

When we finish the race we feel really proud and happy with ourselves because we have taken part in a challenge. It is always fun but it is also hard at the same time. Can you remember when you did your cross country when you were at school? We hope you had as much fun as we do!

The water feature for the cross country.

The water feature for the cross country.

Winning the race!

Winning the race!

Some of Gracefield’s Interzone team!

Some of Gracefield’s Interzone team!