Our Steps for Success are the values that underpin learning at Gracefield School and help us to deliver the national curriculum.

They were developed through community, staff and student consultation, and are core to all that we do at the school.

The six Steps for Success are interrelated, and therefore are not taught in isolation. Each term one of the steps is our major focus, with the remainder as minor focuses.

Each step is outlined below.


At Gracefield School we are risk takers. We provide a supportive, safe environment where risk taking is encouraged.

Risk takers:

  • are seen as innovators, aware that difficulties and failures are all part of the learning process.

  • have confidence in themselves and what they can achieve – their potential.

COMmUNICATORS - Whakawhiti Korero

At Gracefield School we are effective communicators. We provide an environment where communication is fostered through oral, visual and written forms.

Effective communicators are able to express themselves confidently, coherently and purposefully. This enables them to contribute positively to their world, now and in the future.

ADAPTABLe - Hinengaro Tuwhera

At Gracefield School we are adaptable. We provide a learning environment where students can experience the changing world around them.

Adaptable learners:

  • see obstacles as opportunities and challenges that can be overcome.

  • make decisions about change and transfer their skills across a range of situations.


At Gracefield School we are conscientious. We provide an environment that inspires learners to achieve their full potential.

Conscientious learners are seen as:

  • motivated and enthusiastic.

  • meticulous and thorough.

  • being aware that perseverance will help them achieve personal excellence in all learning situations.

THINKER - Δ€ta Whakaro

At Gracefield School we are thinkers. We provide opportunities for learners to think for themselves and to practise the skills of effective thinking.

Thinkers are encouraged to use a variety of tools to explore and solve problems they may encounter. Thinking in different ways allows learners to achieve their potential, both in the present and the future.

RESPECTFUL - Whakaro Nui

At Gracefield School we are respectful. We provide an environment where differences are valued and mutual respect is built through positive relationships.

Respectful learners:

  • are able to work with a range of people, regardless of backgrounds and abilities.

  • value themselves, others and their environment.